The Beginnings

Mister Lost Bike Shop all started by being two mechanic’s dream plan of escaping their 9-5 basement shift at a bike shop in Bellingham, WA. So, they quit their jobs, and with little cash and a few credit cards, the two managed to produce the self proclaimed “World’s Coolest Mobile Bike Shop”. Once they found the perfect vehicle, a 1988 retired Ford U-Haul box truck, they put in their two week notice. Over the course of the coming two months, they DIY’ed and dreamt of the day the truck would be rolling. 

About the Owners


Mike Randol

Born in the flatlands of the Midwest, Mike's love for bicycles began in the early years of his youth. His bicycle took him wherever his legs could pedal as long as it stayed together in one piece. Generally, Mike's bike's in his young life were of a lower quality, and often had mechanical issues. Rather than bringing his bike to a shop and having downtime from the pedals, he learned to fix and maintain his bikes himself. At age 16 Mike got his first job at a local bike shop, and never looked back. After 10 years of wrenching, Mike decided to move his customer service and mechanical skills into his own venture and offer a convenient mobile bicycle service after dreaming it up for over 5 years. Mike's confidence and attention to detail are what makes his mechanical skills stick out in the vast crowd of bike mechanics. Catch Mike at the local trails hanging out in the air or at the shop fiddling with with a haggard derailleur.




Riding Disciplines: Trail+Downhill+Dirt Jumps+BMX

Favorite Trail: Irish Death

Favorite Bicycle Memory: Whistler closing day 2016, mega train down A-Line with ~30 people hootin' & hollerin', doing bar humps and overshooting every jump!

Certifications: SBCU Mechanical 

Favorite Bicycle Service to Perform: Tune ups. The end result is always a shiny bike and a happy rider!

Tip recommendation: Something that has peanut butter in it, and a cold La Croix!


 "Ride, wrench, repeat." - Mike

Callie Waldschmidt

Callie is a native of the PNW, born and raised in Bow, WA right where Chuckanut Drive drops into farmland. She grew up spending her days in the mountains and woods with her family. A career in the outdoor industry while attending Western Washington University, working at Bellingham bike shop for over three years while a student. As a side project Callie started Mister Lost designs, also know as Mister Lost's Dirtbag Society, inspired by her time spent traveling to different mountain bike and ski destinations and living in a van. Callie simply defines herself as a mountain biker but her collection of bicycles shows it goes beyond that. She is a Certified Bicycle Technician through United Bicycle Institute, an artist, graphic designer, and a very enthusiastic do-it-yourself-er. 



Riding Disciplines: Trail+Downhill+Artful Crashing

Favorite Trail: El Pollo Elastico

Favorite Bicycle Memory: Solo ride in Crested Butte, CO, TeoCali Ridge, with a crazy lightning storm on the descent!

Certifications: UBI Professional Repair and Shop Operation

Favorite Bicycle Service to Perform: Shock service & vintage bike restorations

Tip Recommendation: Iced Americano, non-dairy cream & honey. And donuts...


"What do you think would happen if I just went for it?" - Callie

Dusty the Hobo Dog


Dusty was four months old when she was found in the middle of the desert in Arizona. Since the day Mike and Callie captured this wild beast she has proven her love of bikes. She loves chasing her Mom and Dad on trail rides and has become a trail dog that many people dream about. Nothing ends a good ride for dusty like laying down in a cool mud puddle no matter the season. As shop manager she takes pride in making customers feel welcome but take note that she is a horrible mechanic and would much rather chew on your bike if you were to let her. 


Favorite Trail: ALL OF THEM!

Favorite Bicycle Memory: ALL OF THEM!

Certifications: WHAT? LETS HIT THE TRAILS!



"Arrrf woof rawwrrr! " - Dusty