Can I choose the pick up and delivery option if I live outside of Bellingham?

Yes, but we charge a fee depending on the distance to cover our time and gas, but we are happy to provide convenience to everyone within Whatcom, Skagit, & San Juan County. Please call for a quote and we will be on our way.

Do you have any locations that you park regularly?

Yes! Check out our "Locations and Events" page to find the weekly schedule. 

Do you work on tandems, recumbents, or any other atypical bicycles?

Absolutely. We have worked on everything from tandems, two person trikes, and covered 4 wheeled pedal carts. Just give us a heads up before the appointment so we can acutely provide for your needs. 

How long will it take to get my bike serviced?

When we bring the truck to your home the service will be done day of (as long as we don't need to order in additional parts). For drop-off and pickup/delivery bikes we will work on them as soon as we can given there are no other appointments made for that day. When we begin working on your bike we will call or text you a status update and schedule when you would like the bike dropped off.

Can you drop the bike off when I am not home?

Unfortunately, due to security we only drop off bikes with the customer present to assure a quality transaction. 

You worked on my bike and the problem hasn't been solved?

First, our apologies! Secondly, give us a call as soon as you notice an unresolved issue and we are happy to come and reexamine the bicycle.