Fox Transfer Post Performance Series

Fox Transfer Post Performance Series

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  • Cable actuated with tool-free quick disconnect for easier installation and removal

  • Low lever force provides consistent actuation pressure even with saddle weighted or unweighted

  • Easy to modulate return speed with lever

  • Two remote options: left side below bar (for 1x) or left/right on bar (for 2x/3x)

  • 30.9 or 31.6 diameter

  • Drop options: 4in (100 mm), 5in (125 mm), 6in (150 mm)

    TRANSFER POSTS DO NOT INCLUDE A LEVER. Levers are on the previous page with the seatposts.

Travel (Drop):
Cable Routing:
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This is our favorite seatpost out on the market! We've sold tons of these and have not seen a single issue yet. Even 2+ years after installation with no service other than wiping down the stanchion, they've still felt the same as the first day we've installed them!


To determine which length seatpost will fit your bike, check out Fox's fitment guide on their website @