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What's Included In Our Tune Ups:

Galbraith Tune $75:

The basics to get your bike rolling well again! Includes adjusting shifting, brakes, hubs, headset, bottom bracket, true the wheels, clean and polish the bike, pump tires, and lube the chain. 

Shuksan Tune $120:

For a bike that is well used and hasn't had a tune up for a while! We replace the cables and housing, and disassemble and deep clean the drivetrain, in addition to everything listed in the Galbraith tune. If you have noticed that your brake levers are hard to pull or the shifting is sticky, new cables and housing are the way to go!

Baker Tune $180:

Want your bike to feel as good as new? Everything in the Galbraith and Shuksan tune, plus we overhaul the headset, bottom bracket and hubs with fresh grease.