New Video!

We just got a whole bunch of 2019 Fox forks, shocks, and seatposts in stock! Come take a ride with Mike as he installs and tests out the newest Fox suspension on one of Bellingham's loamiest trails. 


Join along in our new weekly youtube video series, Mechanic Mondays, where we share our FAVORITE pro tips and tricks to help keep your bike more dialed than ever!




I wasn't sure, so I tried one out and put it to the test! Here's the results after 3 days of riding with one!

There's no crazy dramatic advantage over a normal round chainring, but there is at least a little bit of a bonus. In my eyes, anything that can help on the climbs and help extend your ride is a no brainer in my book!

We initially did not have any oval chainrings for sale on our website, but after this test I was impressed enough to bring a bunch of Wolf Tooth Ellpitical Chainrings into stock and put them on the website!

Want to try one for yourself? Head over to the chainring page on our web-store to snag one!